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When to Take HCG?

I take .3 ml of testosterone cypionate and .5 ml of HCG every 4 days I’ve asked my doctor about this and he says anytime it doesn’t matter when you take the HCG the day before your testosterone shot the day of your testosterone shot or the day after your testosterone shot he says it doesn’t matter I was just kind of curious as to what or how or when you gentlemen take yours thank you for your time.

I’m sure that if we did a deep dive into data there would be an answer for when the optimal time is. But the way hCG works is almost idiot-proof, so as long as you take it consistently and at the right dose it shouldn’t matter if you time it a day or two off of the “optimal” schedule.

You gave volumes not doses… jeeez. Please clarify and I will respond in kind. FYI it doesn’t really matter to the context of your question but for future reference you really should specify.

I gave you what i take every 4 days. .3 ml of testosterone cypionate and .5 ml of hcg. And all I’m trying to find out it’s just a question as to should I take the HCG shot day before the testosterone shot the day of the testosterone shot or the date after I

Test is measured in mg not ml. What is missing is the mg/ml. If you are taking .3 ml of test C that comes in 200mg/ml vials you are taking 66.66 mg of test c in every .3ml injection.

Yes it 200 mg / ml for the test C

Yes test C is 200 mg / ml. I was taking . 4ml which is 80 mg every 4 days and I’m assuming that .5 ml of hcg is 100 mg

IMO it does not matter.
I inject both at the same time( over 2 years now) in the same syringe. Sub-Q anywhere around my waist I can pull up some skin.

My doctor also doesn’t see the problem with using the same syringe for both. Can you tell me the type of syringe you use. It’s somewhat difficult with the T because of its oil base. Are your dosages once or twice a week and what are your dosages.

I use a 27ga 1/2" easy touch syringe. HCG goes in first then T cyp. They don’t mix you can clearly see they stay seperated. With T injected first the HCG flushes the needle so no T is wasted. I inject 120mg/wk on Monday and Thursday. My HCG dose is 800/wk

Ok so that I understand is that 120mg twice a week or is that split being 60mg each injection and you say 800 / wk is that mg. Also how’s does it work doing it Monday and Thursday where i do it every 4 days. Again thank you for your time.

Sorry I should have been more clear. 120/wk 60mg on Monday and 60mg on Thursday. HCG is in IU’s so 400IUs on Monday and 400IUs on Thursday for a weekly total of 800IU. The way I mix it I draw .40ml on my syringe for 400ius

On the 3.5 vs 4 days you will be taking less when its averaged over time. That is not a big deal if you are feeling good and have no bad side effects like high HCT, E2 or prolactin.

If you donate blood to keep your HCT in check be sure to monitor your ferritin. Crashed ferritin sucks maybe more than crashed E2.