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When To Take Fish Oil?


When am I supposed to take fish oil? I know I'm probably gonna' get kicked in the nuts for this question, but I'm just wondering, oh yeah, ha, what does fish oil do exactly?


all the time, fish oil has EPA(i think?) and DHA, they are essential fats that increase your immune system, reduce swelling(important for recovery) and they are good for your joints etc


Try not to take them on an empty stomach, may get burned up as energy. In addition to the above, they also increase insulin sensitivity and decrease body fat.


Well as your info has been helpful, a new question has risen. How many times a day is a good measure of it to take?


anywhere from 4g to infinity.. im taking currently 12 fish oil caps and 12 flax caps a day


If you're taking Flameout, 4 caps daily, and I think Mike Roussell said there is research showing that the only time it's not beneifical to take fish oil is first thing in the morning with your first meal. Outside of that, take one Flameout pill per meal until you finish the 4 caps per day. If you are using a less potent fish oil, take however much you see fit, just not at breakfast.


yeah im using GNC stuff so i gotta eat tons of them


Im taking 2-3 grams of fish oil per day as well as CLA at meal times.


i was taking them. They were the worst ones i tried. I was burping fish all day...even when i put them in the freezer.

I use this brand now. Been loving it. No fish taste...



i dont have any problem with them, i dont burp fish and i just keep them in the fridge


How many times a day:

Spread out as much as possible, but make sure it's not like just one pill at a time. Avoid taking with soluble fiber as well, it has a tendency to trap them and move them along without absorption, as with any fats really