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When to Take DHEA?

My doc says to take before bed which is what I do, and my wife’s doc tells her to take hers in the morning, but she thinks it is making her tired…

I read google articles and half say morning and half say evening… we are both on low dose. 15mg for me and 5 for her… Thoughts / opinions??

before bed

25mg for men is a good starting point. For woman 5mg is fine. She can try 15, but if she has any acne or hair growth I’d stop it.

Take it morning or evening. Levels stabilize and you just keep taking it.

I started at 25, my levels were in the mid 500’s so doc moved my prescription down to 15. My wife just started and her doc put her on five, but told her to take it in the morning, and she has a tired spell a few hours after, but the timing question. It may not be related to the DHEA, but I wanted thoughts on morning vs. bedtime…

There is a school of thought that believes taking it at night can potentially suppress cortisol spikes during the night and may help to get restful sleep. If you find it keeps you awake more than anything else, take it in the morning.

I used to believe every man on TRT needed DHEA. I don’t believe that anymore. Take it if it makes you feel better.

Don’t mean to hijack the thread but does anyone have any idea why supplementing with DHEA would make me hot tempered/short fused? I’ve always tested pretty low and each time I tried supplementing with it it made me very aggressive and not in a positive way. I’m normally passive almost timid. I also suffer low T. More so free T but also total.

Yep…use it only if it works. Stand alone TRT is the way to go, but some folks do need to supplement. So gauge it im order to minimize the amount of supplementation you need.

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If you were low on Androgens when supplementing, then there is your answer. If supplementing when optimized then there is your answer. Im on the dont take sups just because you’re a few digits away from range numbers. Labs are a just snapshot. I think multiple labs are going to become the new norm once we accept the enlightenment that comes with faster tech, and more demanding men and women that are serious about their HRT.

Yes I agree about not taking anything until I feel I need it. Thats why I haven’t taken the TRT plunge yet. I still function pretty well even while low. I was just curious as to the cause or mechanism of why supplementing with DHEA makes me short tempered. Thanks

My first time taking it I felt this way, can’t imagine taking it before bed, I’d never sleep.

It does help with the creation of neurotransmitters, dopamine directly, and my guess is if you’re in a low-DA state then that would be helpful. If not, then it’ll lead to hyper mania symptoms

I think you’re right. I tested out as a Type 3 on CT;s Neurotype test twice. I do have a fast paced hectic life and do produce a lot of cortisol. I also used to be a big stimulant type junkie, ephedrine, coffee, Brain Candy etc etc., in addition to low carb diet. Ive limited myself to only coffee in the morning. If DHEA boosts dopamine it would be the last thing I need. I believe I’m low in GABA and serotonin actually.

It does act on these as well, and it’s effect on GABA is part of its anti-depressive properties. Maybe it takes time to adjust? But there’s other things to help besides this