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When to Take Curcumin?

New here. Just wondering when y’all take curcumin - says to take on empty stomach but when ya eat 6 times a day it ain’t empty very often lol thanks

You’re reading it wrong. The label on the Biotest curcumin bottle recommends to take with food.

Also, curcumin is derived from the turmeric root, which means it’s edible, which means it is technically a “food”.

I take mine at night with fish oil and ashwagandha

Ya the bottle says w food but places on the web say before or after. Thanks for the replies

It’s absorbed better what taken with fat & black pepper , so with a meal works good

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I usually take mine with food and later in the day i.e. not near a weightlifting workout.

Yes. I just found out about the fat part. I knew about black pepper.
I just got some Laird Superfood Tumeric creamer, which has coconut oil in it. And there is a tumeric flavor.

Take it with food whenever, but make sure you’re eating something with fat. Turmeric is fat soluble!

Thanks for all the replies. Would 3 whole eggs along w 6 whites and oatmeal be enough fat? Or should I shoot for more fat

Honestly I don’t know, I haven’t done the research on it, I usually take one cap at night with peanut butter or in the morning with avocado. Eggs would be enough fat one would guess.