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When to Take Creatine?


CREATINE. When is it best to have it. Pre WO? During? Post WO?

my aim is bulking by the way

I sip on Surge Recovery pre during and post


I like it before and after


it doesn't matter when you have it


pre and post and during. just mix it in with Surge.


in your socks


God we need a creatine sticky at the top of this thread.

5g before, or 5g after workout


yes we know that (Duh!) but what he's asking is WHEN to put in your socks.


Post. Doesn't really matter, but I would think maybe it would get to where it's going quicker pwo.


i read a post by Shelby Starnes that said he had his clients take it first thing in the morning becuase its convenient. but it really doesnt matter when you take it as long as you keep up the concentration in your blood.


Another vote for "it doesn't matter"