When to Take CoQ10?

If you take CoQ10, can you take it when it’s convenient (once or twice a week), or is it better not to take it at all? I heard it could hurt you if you take a large dose and then stop suddenly.

60mg to 240mg per day depending on what you’re taking it for. It’s safe long term as long as you don’t exceed this amount. The type of CoQ10 makes a difference, as well. Ubiquinol is a much more easily assimilated form vs ubiquinone (more common/cheaper), so you’d need less. I was taking Q-gel for years @100mg per day to help with recovery. I quit taking it due to cost, and had no adverse affects. I also noticed no difference once I stopped.


Thank you.

I find it helps with my recovery. It’s best absorbed with a hot meal that includes fat. Since it’s expensive, I do not take it if I’m just downing a shake.