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When to Take Calcium?


I just loaded up on some basic supps that I have been leaving out for a little bit. Multi-vitamin, fish oils, vitamin d, ZMA, and calcium. I got the calcium because there is hardly any in the multi.

My question is if I can take the calcium with the multi and vitamin d? I have read that you can't take calcium or shouldn't eat foods containing calcium before taking zma, because it messes up the absorption or something along those lines. I was curious if it will do the same with a multi and vitamin d? If that is also why its hard to find a multi with a lot of calcium? Or if that idea is flawed?


Probably hard to find a multi with a lot of calcium because they can only make the tablets so big. They can't put optimal doses of everything in a multi. Look at a typical calcium tab... many of them are huge. Most multi formulas are marketed to the general public. Granny isn't going to swallow a horse pill-sized multivitamin.

I take calcium with food, away from other mineral supplements, and away from caffeine. Food sources of calcium are probably the best (just a guess) but I take a little calcium supplementation too.


All I can say is that calcium competes with the uptake for Zinc and Magnesium.

However I believe Biotest new ElitePro Mineral Support is made to be taken at anytime with anything and still get asorbed.


Unless the minerals are amino acid chelates - then no competition for absorption


I always take Vitamin D and calcium together.


I'd take the calcium w/ the vitamin D as well... separate from the ZMA and possibly from the multi (separate it if you can but if its a pain then just do it w/ the multi and D)


This is how it should be done, period.