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When to Take Arimidex?

I have heard two things. Take a dose of arimidex with your shot of test and i have heard to take the dose of arimidex the day after the shot. Which one is better and why? Thank you

I think a lot of people here would give a more direct answer than I. How often do you inject test? Every 3.5 days or 7? The reason why that makes a difference is that the (biological) half life of anastrozole is 46.8 hours. With Ethanate and Cyp esters peaking 3 days after administration, it would make the most sense to take the drug the day after injection if injecting every 3.5 days. However, if you take two doses a week of your AI for a every seven day injection then the same day of injection and then 3 days later would be a better alternative. Someone smarter than me will likely have a better opinion, I’m just looking at the numbers and each person is different.

edit - Forgot to post source. Also this is not a bad read for gnecomastia questions. Its a quick hitter as far as study reading goes.

I inject test cyp in butt. 100mg a week. I divide it into 2 doses. 50mg on tues night and 50mg sat morn.
Before i started ai my e2 was elevated. Im in canada so our numbers differ. But normal range is around 80 to 90. I was at 150 i believe. So i requestes ai from doc. Was taking it daily as he prescribed but i know thats not a good thing to do so i stopped the daily pill after 2 weeks or so…it brought my e2 to 70. Then i switched to half a 1mg pill every injection. A few months passed…i think for a few weeks i stopped the ai …dont remember why but i stopped it and did bloodwork. My e2 came back like 271…

I feel now i am screwed because i always have to take an e2 now to keep it low. When i was not taking an ai i was stable at an elevated 150ish range. But now…its double that if i decide to stay natural and off the ai…

So now im going back to .5mg of ai every injection. Will do this for a month and see where im at. I just wanted to know if i should take it with my shot or the day after…

Im thinking to request an increase of test per week from 100 to 150 or 200…but would this make the e2 even higher?? Or would it create a test dominant situation which is obviously what i want. Ive been told by many 100mg a week is too small and weak of a dose…my labs show total test in the upper middle range. And free test is just outside the normal limit. I believe normal limit is like 750 and im at 800. So having those numbers i doubt by doc would increase my dosage…

Well the short answer is that if you take more test you will increase the conversion of T->E. A rule of thumb for E2 management is 1mg total per week for each 100mg taken per week. So if you increase your depot test dosage to 200mg per week you will find taking 1mg twice weekly to keep the same relative dosages. I am curious to see what the unit of measure was on your test because I am having difficulty making the math work with “standard” ranges for your reported E2 levels. Or perhaps is it not E2 that was measured? As for your dose it does not matter what other people take, do you feel better and have sufficient symptom abatement on your current dosage? If you testing on the high end of free test, as long as your E2 is under control you should feel quite well.

Oh second thought the numbers roughly work (though an odd range) if the UOM for your E2 was in picomols as opposed to picograms. In that instance your test showing 150 would convert to 40.87 ish pg/L and your 271 would convert to 73.84ish. Though the range would be a baffling 21.8 - 24.52pg/ml. With further reading the range is similar to the States with a “normal” reading for men to be <157pmol/L or <42.77pg/ml. (Conversion is roughly 3.67)

i found my most recent lab result i will post the more important ones

60 - 110 result: 122 umol/L
0.35 - 5 result: 1.31 mIU/L

2 - 9 result: <1 IU/L

2 - 12 result: <1 IU/L

7.6 - 31.4 result: 26.2 nmol/L

< 18 result: 19 ug/L

< 159 result: 267 pmol/L

196 - 636 result: 812 pmol/L

Please post labs in list format with ranges. And in prose format you may be omitting results.

If injecting twice a week, T and FT levels are quite steady, so timing is less of a factor and dosing AI at time of injections is simply an easier routine. Subq injections create smoother T levels and avoid decades of muscle damage. Injecting in your butt is simply dangerous because of large blood vessels and nerves.

T–>E2 production rates are determined by FT/Bio-T levels. So more T means higher SERM T levels. If you increase T by x% and anastrozole by x% your serum E2 levels will be roughly the same. However, arbitrary doses from pills does not work and a liquid product can be dispensed by the drop or volume.

honestly i tried to post links to pic or add a pic and i was going to show a screenshot of my actual report but i could not figure out how to do it so i just wrote it like that instead. If you see the ranges are listed . For example,
7.6 - 31.4 result: 26.2 nmol/L
the range is 7.6 - 31.4
and my result was 26.2

can u please show me an example of the list format you are speaking of so i can have an idea what that exactly looks like.

i have considered doing the sub q t injections, but need to do more research as to what kind of needles to use, how to inject, where to inject, etc… perhaps there is a sticky on this? this liquid anti e you speak of,… is this something a pharmacist makes specially or is it a homebrew operation using arimidex pills?

Thanks for the lab numbers.

On TRT, LH/FSH–>zero, do not test again

Your target is E2=80pmol/L and you will feel a lot better there. Reintroduction of anastrozole may provide dramatic changes in 1 week. Please understand the issues re anastrozole over-responders from the stickies

You can mix anastrozole in vodka, 1mg/ml

TRT is hard to get done properly in Canada. The system is a major problem as it is in all Commonwealth countries.

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