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When to Take AI on TRT?

Hey y’all,

Forgive me if this is a redundant topic and has already been asked. I’m not looking for information on how much to dose. I need to know WHEN, as in the optimal time to take my prescribed AI as a supplement to my TRT.

I currently inject 1 ML a week (split into .5 ML injections 84 hours apart, (bi-weekly) to keep my level even instead of one weekly injection and a big drop between the next.

I was taking Anastrozole once a week at a dose of 1mg.

I recently developed some chest sensitivity which my treating doc diagnosed as gyno, as I had the sensitivity accompanied by small nodules/lumps behind my nipple. This prompted my treating doc to prescribe me Letrozole, 2.5mg TWICE a week.

For best results, when should I take the letrozole in correlation with my test injections? Should I take it when I inject, hours after, day(s) after? When? My doc just said twice a week but didn’t specify when.

Once again, if this has been asked: forgive me. I’ve scoured the internet and the site for hours to no avail and no CLEAR answer.


You take it at the time of injection, as T rises E2 rises along with it.