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When to Take AI/Anastrozole?

Hi Guys,

When is it time to take your AI? I’m approaching my 2nd shot on my 4th week and noticed some changes which might just be the Test starting to kick in hard and my hormones a bit wacky.

I am taking 1ML of Test Cyp, split in 2 shots, Monday and Thursday…I was taking HCG the last 2 weeks but stopped this week due to it giving me some adderal type effects and felt I was a little too much hyper.

I also take 2.5mg of Cialis/Oxytocin Trouche my TRT doc offers. This stuff is awesome but I suspect this is causing a little of the face flush/hotness in the beginning as it is an assumed side effect.

Currently how I feel:
#1 - I feel awake - Energized which also brings on less sleep for me. I’m getting about 5-6 hours of sleep each day this week
#2 - I’m a little edgy but goes away. I’m chalking it up to the increased test building up
#3 - No nipple itching or aching so not sure if my E2 is super high

I am getting Blood down end of next week to see what my levels are.

Should I leave it alone and let my blood levels stabilize or should I take .5mg tomorrow on my injection day to reduce my E2 level?

I appreciate the help here. I ask as I know you guys are against using AI prematurely.


Leave it alone. Especially where you don’t even have labs to say your E2 is high. If AI can be avoided by dosage adjustments or injection frequency do that first. AI should only be used as a last resort.

Yes, see where your levels are.

How frequent are you injecting?

I am injecting daily subq. I have no idea where my levels at right now though as I just moved from a scrotal applied cream just over a week ago.

It might be time for a micro dose AI when you have exhausted all other avenues to gain control of all levels, like increasing the frequency of dosing. I feel that when I inject daily I feel my absolute best and when I choose a less optimal injection frequency, it takes away some of the benefits of TRT.