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When to Switch to a New Workout? Hypertrophy vs Strength


I’ve been doing the 5x5 strong lifts for about 8 months now, but I feel like I need to switch to a different training regiment. The 5x5 worked wonderfully because it was three days a week, which was ideal for my schedule, but it also hit lifts that I knew were important to building a strong body.

While I do feel stronger and look athletic, or like somebody who works out, how/what do I need to do to beef up a little. I’m not saying become a body builder in size, but I see guys in my gym who are absolutely jacked, but never appear to workout at the same intensity that I do. Do I need to switch to a 3x10 plan for a while? What’s the best process moving out of the StrongLifts training?


Get off stronglifts asap. Run a program designed by someone that actually knows how to get people bigger and stronger.

5/3/1, Cube Method, Juggernaut Method, and Westside Barbell for Skinny Bastards would all be great choices.


5x5 is pretty much a hybrid rep set range, which is a big part of the reason it can work so well for newbies & for many other people too.

Now, with regards what sets and reps to use, you have many options, you could actually continue doing 5x5 for all your main lifts & then do a second exercise were you do, as you mentioned something like 3 x 10. You could also start doing 3 x 10 or similar on everything OR you could try something like 10 x 3 combined with higher reps on isolation movements. The beauty of bbing training is that pretty much all of these approaches will work…so, my advice would be find a program you like the look of and go with that. Only experience will tell you EXACTLY what works well for you.


How much bodyweight have you gained in these 8 months? What’s your height, starting weight, current weight, and general bodyfat?

Do a Stronglifts workout on Friday. Find a new program on Saturday. Start the new program on Monday. I really don’t see the confusion.

Like the guys said, any well-designed routine that has enough training volume, when combined with ample nutrition, should build size.


I’m 6 foot, I’ve been around 185+/- for a few years and my body fat has ranged from 12-20%. When I was doing crossfit it was at it’s lowest. Since being doing with crossfit, which is when I started doing 5x5 I went back up a little. My weight has only gone up since I got out of college and I used to run track. It’s been 3 years now, but I went from 175 to 185+/-

I’ll do some research on the workouts listed above, but I guess I just felt the 5x5 was sort of plateauing…for as hard as I was working in the gym I wasn’t seeing as much progress as I had anticipated. My nutrition could probably be better, or higher, but I have a somewhat high metabolism and I don’t always have a big appetite.


You are doing it wrong. If you spend more then 6 months and three deloads, you are lacking intensity or doing it completely wrong. Move to Texas method. But as it is not your goal, any one mentioned by punisher, is fine. I would even add Waterbury or 5/3/1 BBB challenge (not template) do you can learn a new way of working out and finding that strength and hypertrophy are not mutually exclusive.


I’ve decided I would like to try the Westside for Skinny bastards workout(version 3). I understand the workout regiment as it is described. However, how long should do this routine before switching things up again? Also, the workout doesn’t really suggest what rate…or weight you should go up by or do as the weeks progress. So if my squat 3-5 rep max is 315 right now, do I do that for a week, then the following bump it up to 320?


10 years.

I’m just a little sarcastic.

Don’t look at the end before you start.