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When to Switch Routines?


I've officially been doing the same work out for 9 "weeks" (the work out being 4 days, usually spread over 4-6 days depending on how often i can get to the gym or if i feel the need for a rest). Unofficially it's probably been 3-4 months, took me a while before I started keeping a log.I had planned to do this work out for 10 weeks then switch to something else, so I'm getting close to that time. I'm looking forward to a change, cause I am getting a little bored with my routine.

The problem is it is still working,(not that much of a problem, I know, might as well complain that my wallet's too small for my $100s). I'm still able to increase the weight for each exercise almost every week. And if i'm not increasing the weight, i'm usually increasing the reps.

Should I be waiting until the current program is no longer giving gains, or can I switch it up and then go back to this program after trying something else for a bit?

I've decided on a 5x5 program from bb.com that looks good to increase strength. It's a 6 week program.


My advice is to not get sucked into the whole "program ADD" mindset. If your program is still producing results, keep using it until it stops. That is unless perhaps you're not training to see results.


I figured that would be the advise I'd get, but was hoping to hear I should switch. I really feel like I need a switch up for psychological reasons, aka boredom.

Thanks for the advise


Once you start getting results from your program and progressing that boredom seems to dissapear.


It sounds like the program you're using is producing good results. If you're bored, try making small adjustments like using different variations of the exercises you're doing, changing grip width, stance, maybe throw in some unilateral dumbbell work, etc.


I just read an article that said you should switch it up every 8-12 weeks I believe, but I mean as long as you are switching up exercises/sets/reps often, I think you would be fine with what you're doing.


As others have said, while you are progressing, there's no physiological reason to change your workout.

However, I'm a big fan of having FUN when I go to the gym. Change it up man.


i like to stay with a program until i stop seeing results, which is usually based on experience.... for me its about 6-8 weeks.

Ive got a bit of the training ADD myself, an online log is a great way to fight it, cuz if youre switching programs every week, chances are somebody might bust your balls for it.



Thanks for the advise.

I've pretty much decided to do another 4 weeks of the current program, with some small changes. Primarily changing my muscle pairings from Legs/Tris and Bi's/shoulder to legs/shoulder and tris/bis. The leg/tris days where just killing me. The volume lifted these days was pretty much twice that of any other day.