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When to Switch from WS4SB to WSBB?


Hey everybody, I've been doing the WS4SB program for about 3 weeks right now and am making tremendous gains, especially strength-wise. I'm doing it especially as a nice blend of strength AND size so that I may get some mass, but as usual I'm very keen on planning early and know that I will stall on the program.

I think I will be able to go for at least 3-4 cycles of three weeks with little major stalling, and I really would like to go one step further from then on and switch to WSBB method, a fully PL oriented program.

The question is, though, when should I make the change? As soon as I stall big time? Or should I take some deload weeks and deload some weight and try to compel the program to give as much as possible?


You've been on it 3 weeks man, switching anytime soon would be a disaster. Run it by the book for 3 months until you have a good idea of what works and what doesn't work for you. Then when you stall make some small tweaks to it and re-evaluate. If you're making progress, DON'T CHANGE ANYTHING.


I wouldn't even think about switching after only three weeks. Run it for a couple years and evaluate your progress.



As I understand it, the main difference between WS4SB and WBB (aside from the non-lifting parts of WS4SB) is the assistance work. In WS4SB, several choices are given for each movement, but the assistance is generally balanced between muscles/movements. In WBB, assistance is based mainly on a lifter's weaknesses. If you are not experienced enough to accurately judge your weaknesses and choose the corresponding appropriate exercises then you should likely stick with WS4SB. Chances are, if you're asking when to switch programs, you aren't experienced enough. If you had a good (experienced) coach and/or training partneres, you could get guidance from them, but then you also wouldn't need to come here for programming advice.


I do not plan on switching the program anytime soon, but what about the assistance exercises? Stick with them till a stall?


I like to change assistance exercises every 8 weeks or so. Some people like to change them every 3-4.


Get this "stalling" idea out of your head. I switch assistance exercises every 2-3 weeks, depending on how I feel. This program is about variety and breaking PRs in different exercises.



There is no stalling, you could do this program forever. This isn't starting strength. Switching to a full westside template would have nothing to do with stalling.