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When to Switch from Starting Strength?


Hey guys, I posted a while back because I wanted to revamp my workout routine. After listening to some solid advice, I even though I considered myself a more intermediate lifter, I started on the starting strength program. I have been doing this for about 8-9 weeks, and I am wondering if I should move on.

Some quick stats, Im 5'11", 195lbs, probably around 15% bf, bench 225X6. squat 255X6, deadlift 265X6.

I dont know what my one rep maxes are, because I dont ever do them, I just typically base my progression off of the amount of weight I am capable of doing on my last set of the exercise, which I typically shoot for 6 reps with. My squat and dl arent great because I only started doing them about 6 months ago.

Anyways, I am curious to know how long people typically stay on this program. Do I have enough "starting strength" to move on, and if I do, what should I move on to from here?

My goal is just to put on size and strength overall, everywhere, especially in my chest.


Find a new program once you stop making gains.


That isnt very helpful.

How do you determine when you "stop making gains". If you are lifting correctly and following some type of program that was designed by someone with some knowledge of lifting, and eating right, I believe you will always make gains, its just the rate at which you make them.

If you arent making gains, you arent lifting right or not eating right (at least for most of us). What I want to know is, should I switch to a program that will help me make gains quicker, or is there one?


this should be helpful advice on what to do when stalling


You do bring up an interesting point though - how far can you go on a given program?

It is always my belief that eventually you do need to change ... something. Maybe it is diet, or maybe how often you increase the load.

Rippetoe does deal with that in his book Practical Programming.

The Texas Method is a program that he recommends after having stalled several times in all your lifts.



If your goals are to bodybuild, then now would be a good time to start training like a bodybuilder.


well, I guess I will just keep searching and pick one of the programs then. I was just wondering if there was any particular program that complemented SS the best.


Yep, looking for a new program myself.
What are some of the more popular programs that successful lifters have shifted to after SS?


well if you want to continue doing strength focused programs, either of these are good




the common theme between them all is you will still add weight, just not every workout.


you could check out the links I just posted, but most any strength focused program will suffice