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When to Switch Exercises?


im currently off-season right now and gonna use that time to lift some weight to get some more strenght and power for the new season
right now im following WS4SB III by Joe Defranco. he say that we should rotate the max effort
exercise every 2-3 weeks, example first 2 weeks box squat, the 2 weeks front squat, 2 weeks deadlift. He does that to dont fry out the nervous system.

but ive read sometimes thats its the best to stay a while at one stimulus to let your body adapt to it fully and dont rotate to much cause you will end up with nothing

isnt this to much rotation on your max effort lift so your body isnt be able to adapt to the stimulus
what can i do the best? rotate every 2-3 or pick one exercise and perform it for a longer periode of time (letst say 8 weeks)


No, this is not too often to switch the ME exercise. You should be rotating assistance exercises every few weeks as well.

Run the program as written. It's fantastic for gaining strength, especially for athletes who need to get bigger and stronger.


If you're using higher reps sure that's sometimes right. But remember that ME means max effort with heavy weights. You won't progress much if at all after sticking with the same ME exercise for more than 3 weeks.


thanks guys,

im gone try the next routine for my max effort lifts

week 1&2: box squat
week 3&4: mini band box squat
week 5&6: deadlift
week 7&8: bleu band box squat

how does it looks? anny suggestions?
im currently squating 308lbs. is it smart for me to begin incoparate bands? (dont have chains)
or should i stick to the basics first? (box squat, fontsquat, free squat)


Looks fine to me. What sport(s) are you training for? I liked to DL more often (about 50% DL / 50% squat), especially since you're not handling a barbell on the "dynamic" lower body so you can definitely recover well from the ME movements. But DeFranco definitely has his athletes do more squatting than deadlifts, and it probably has a slightly better direct carryover for most sports, so you're likely on the right track with the above.

As for bands, you're probably strong enough to start incorporating them. But nothing wrong with waiting a couple months before you incorporate them, especially if you're just starting to run WSFSB or a conjugate system for the first time. Would give you a new stimulus down the line and u should still be getting very good gains to start even w/o them if new to the program. I'd definitely incorporate them at some point, but they're not necessary given the lack of true DE days on DeFranco's program.

Remember, this is more or less derived from Louie's ideas, so a lot of the same principles will apply. Log everything in detail and try to be observant of what's producing the best results, where your weak points are, etc. You'll want to figure out which ME variations or assistance work looks to be most helpful, so you can incorporate those more often and toss the less helpful movements from your rotation.

Good luck man. Work hard and you'll definitely see results.


Normally, switching exercises that often is a bad thing. But in WSB, the pros outweigh the cons, because if you didn't do it, you would quickly stall.


Dude, you squat freaking 308, you dont need bands ! Just focus on squatting and deadlifting, dont overcomplicate crap this isnt rocket science !