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When to Stop?

I am injecting 0.5 Testosterone each day now for 1 year, keeping it at around 800, I read that after a time (how long??) the body shuts down its own production, Do I need to take a break in order that it will not happened? and how long a break??

Ummmmm if you have been injecting that long, you are long shut down brother…that’s kinda the idea…if you are truly hypgonodal, you are doing this because it was your only option, so you wouldn’t take a break–you have nothing to ‘recover’

So what will happened if I need to stop? no Testetoron in my system??

You would go to what you were before, which presumably (since you are on TRT) is hypogonodal.

Same numbers as before, But you say its a complite shut down?/ Where will I get the testosteron from??

lol what?

No production ? will I have 0 ? not possible to live on 0

When you inject, your production stops in a few days. You do not cycle TRT as you are giving up on your own production.