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When To Stop Working Out?

I was working out, my usual work out up at 4:00 to get it in an hour to a two hours. I was having longer work outs on weekend. I went to fifty hours a week and I kept it up for three months. I was trying to keep up bulk, and cut.

I hit burn out and I did not quit or take a BREAK now I am being forced to. I am burned out. Not mentally my minds says lift squat run ride heavy bag. I got a two hour low intensity in today, but all day has been couch time since.

My right gland is swelled in my neck. I lay down and feel fine and, I get up and I feel like oh shit my balance is fucked up, and it is time for a nap.

The problem is that I have a competition tomorrow. I know that I can dig down and pull it off. I feel like I am quitting. I may not take number one but I can kick some ass.

I have weight tained cross trained all winter and weight and speed trained all spring for this. It is roughly two hours of all out sprint. I am still tougher than the teenagers and faster, and I feel like shit.

Down inside I think I got mono, or worse heat stroke from working in a attic space for two hours strait on tuesday.

I think I am going to the Doctors in the morning and, if he says I am all right I’ll compete.

I usually never give up so what are some signs of hey dude this is your body speaking, QUIT.

You should have taken the week before your competition almost totally off. Chalk it up to experience.

Why not just slow down some? You don’t have to either kill yourself or quit.

I did not mean Quit but stop and slow down

[quote]uptruck wrote:
I did not mean Quit but stop and slow down[/quote]

My fault, I missed the line about your competing.

Dude. You overdid it. No big deal. Rest up and learn from it.

Its normal for you to go a little crazy pre-contest, but it sounds like you went overboard. Your lymph node in your neck swells up as part of your GAS (general adaptation syndrome), basically it is a partial response to stress. It should settle down once you take a little time off or back down a little bit.

Just get as much rest as you can until the competition. Drink LOTS of water too.