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When to Stop Bulking?

I started lifting and eating seriously 8 months ago when I was only 150 pounds. I am now 6’ 182 pounds. My physician does not recommend bulking saying that extra weight creates a greater strain on both the heart and insulin production. I look and feel great, and I don’t see much fat on me.

At first when I started to bulk (using only whey and fish oil as supplements), I felt like I had to force myself to eat. Now I’m just hungry all the time and I keep gaining weight as a result.

My question is how much weight should be gained per unit of time, and if my goal is between 190-200, what’s a healthy date to reach my goal. I’m just really concerned about whether I am overdoing it. Thoughts and comments are appreciated.

umm, search for the articles from coaches.
They usually say, a safe weight gain would be 1 pound per week. anything more is pretty much fat. And also, i remember one of the coaches saying the body can only add a certain amount of muscle, even in perfect conditions. i think they were debunking the claims of “gain 20lbs of pure muscle in 1 week!” on certain weight gainers.

In my opinion, Say no to the bulk, but do cycles. read up on Carb cycles. Cause to be honest, insulin sensitivity becomes a problem when you put on too much fat,

IMHO, unless you are a really experienced lifter and know your own body very well, setting a “weight” goal is not really useful.

Instead, set certain goals on your lifts (e.g. 2.5x BW Deadlift, 2x BW bench) and work towards those

As long as you’re gaining at least twice as much muscle as fat, and you’re less than 20% bodyfat, bulking is aok. If you start gaining too much fat in relation to muscle or get too fat overall then it’s time to cut back down.

you can cut when you’re dead. The bulk must go on.

[quote]Epimetheus wrote:
you can cut when you’re dead. The bulk must go on.[/quote]

2nd that. The Awnser to when to stop bulking is always, never.