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When to Stop Blast?

Hi and thanks ahead of time,
I have been on Testosterone Cypionate for 6 years. I am currently recovering from patellar tendon rupture repair surgery. I have extreme quadriceps atrophy. I plan to blast with T Cyp and Nandrolone Decanoate once my PT and surgeon release me to begin muscle bulking.

  1. How long before my testosterone blood draw should I stop the blast?
  2. Should I stop the injections cold turkey so that I drop to a physiological testosterone level “faster”?
  3. Instead of stopping all injections at the end of the blast should I just return to my endocrinologist’s prescribed dose of T Cyp?
  4. I am assuming that if I continued a lower dose of Nandrolone WITH my prescribed T Cyp dose that the added Nandrolone would show up as testosterone on the ECLIA lab test, thus putting me too high for the endocrinologist’s preferred maximum blood level?
    Thank you,
  1. Give yourself four weeks to be on the safe side
  2. Nope; see (3)
  3. Just do this. It’ll give you the most accurate results and if you’re prescribed Xmg and you have lab work showing your levels at Xmg then you don’t want to skew that by simply taking nothing. You’ll be near 0 and your doctor will have many questions
  4. That is correct. Drop the nandrolone at least six weeks before blood work. Nand D takes forever to fully clear.

Hi Iron,
Thank you so much for responding. I got my most recent testosterone test on 4/13/20 and am awaiting the results… I follow up with the endocrinologist 5/4/20. I have an idea and I’d like your opinion: I am on 100mg weekly T Cyp. Could I add in 50mg or 75mg Nandrolone Decanoate (for joint pain) without it skewing my testosterone blood draw in 6 weeks?

No, it’ll mess with your blood work and, as a kicker, won’t actually help you. It takes longer than six weeks to see any effect from deca. When I used it in therapeutic doses I didn’t really notice anything until week eight. By week 12 it was pretty obvious that something had changed. It’s a long fuse. Even NPP wouldn’t give you much in the way of joint pain relief in that short of a period of time. The MOA will create some benefits, but they take time to surface.

Thank you, Iron. I will keep this thread open for my blood work results.