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When to Start ?

If you have the purpose of enhancing athletic performance with steroids, isn’t the age of 21+ too late ? shouldnt you start at 18~ or earlier ?

I mean… can you gain more explosive power (run significantly faster)with juice taken at 21+ ? arent u loosing explosive power after like 20 naturally ?

no. use them when you cannot achieve the gains from food and hard work anymore. when you cant pack on pounds anymore!

You are never too old to start and see improvements.

I would recommend taking your natual ability to it’s maximum before adding anything.

I am 36 and still competing in combat sport along side guys 10 years younger so age should not even be an issue at your age…

if your goal is to play pro in your respective sport…and you are a marginal draft pick/prospect…i would say the answer is easy to figure out (morality and fair play aside).

you have a limited window of opportunity.

This is talked about a lot. Everybody always says wait until you’ve got a solid base of muscle and have come closer to your “genetic limit” and I completely agree. But the only time I believe that you should use aas or other performance enhancing drugs before this is if you have the chance to make significant financial gain/athletic success than the choice is obvious. Steroids are rampant in college football.