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When to Start Using Pro-Test Supps?

I was wondering when it is generally accepted to be a safe age for someone to start taking products like TRIBEX, Alpha Male, or Carbolin 19?


Age. Id say as the suggest on the label no one under 18.

Now training age is a different story. Get enough time under the iron and behind the fork to know what the hell your doing may be a year or two may be ten.


Yeah after listening to TC's appearance on the radio show, it made me wary about taking even supplements that are a step down, even though I'm not planning on taking any testosterone boosting supplements for another couple years.


Most people will recommend that you wait until you're at least 18 years of age before using these supplements.

Even more important than your age is that you have a solid training history and nutrition program in place before you begin to worry about advanced supplements such as these. In most cases this means that most people are not ready to use such products until they're in their twenties.

By the way, Carbolin 19 isn't really a pro-testosterone supplement. I believe it may cause a slight increase in T, but from what I understand this isn't the mechanism by which it elicits the majority of its effects.


Interesting. I've never thought of using a t-booster before the age of about 21, or unless I somehow developed low T beforehand.

Although, I'll be 18 in a few weeks, and have been working out seriously for about the past 3.5 years, with a good diet for the past year and a half.

I always thought it'd be stupid to take a t-booster such as Alpha Male, or TRIBEX soon, but after this, would it be okay?

Also, on the TRIBEX forum, I believe Tim Patterson said something like "If you have normal T levels, you may not need TRIBEX, but you may want TRIBEX" and I'm pretty sure he was talking about a guy who was relatively young. (18-21?)

Any thoughts?


I think they could be benifical for most adults, even young ones. Doesn't mean progress isn't really good without them. But most people's endogenous T levels aren't the highest they absolutely can be (except maybe in teenage years). I think most people could bo very without them though until they actually begin to experience declines. That may not be until the late 30s or beyond.