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When to Start Using a Belt?


I have got to the point where I can pull a double bodyweight deadlift and I'm wondering if there is a rule of thumb that says when to start using a belt. I am at about 175lbs right now (I know, I know, eat more right?), and I pulled 365 the other week. I realize this is a small number to most of you guys, but it's a record for me! Belt up soon or keep pushing the way I am?


Awesomest post ever on this subject:


that link was pretty awesome.

i have always recommended when you are using belts, use them only above 80-90% for lifts heavily using the spine. where exactly depends on the lift and the lifter.

i have been pushing without a belt until this week. i have been squatting 150% of my BW and DL 175%. i do lift with experienced powerlifters/strongman competitors and we do film each other on heavy days so check form. i would not recommend pushing that much without a belt for most people.


anything above 75% and i'm using my belt.

personal prefference, but i prefer not to risk an injury and lift longer in the long run.