When to Start Using a Belt for DLs?

Simple question, and I’m sure there’s some variation in answers here. I’ve been adding to my 10 rep max on deadlifting for the last month, gone from 340 or so to 380 yesterday. The 38010 was the hardest set I’ve ever done in my life. This coming week I’m going for 38010, 39010, 40010, a couple friends asked me if I’m using a belt. I’m not, the only thing I ever use is straps, so my question is, now that I’m getting to ‘higher’ weights and still doing higher reps, would you advise I start using a belt?

Why are you always doing DL for sets of 10? Probably don’t need a belt for a weight you can do for ten if your form is good. Your probably limiting yourself a bit by doing such high reps all the time if your goal is to add weight to the bar.

Some poeple NEVER use a belt and DL insane numbers and do fine. Others swear by them. Depends.

Personally I only use a belt for top sets. I didn’t start until I got into the 500’s, but that doesn’t mean everyone should do the same. I would definatly use one for 1RM’s, but again, some do not and do fine.

Honestly this Q has probably opened a can of worms.

I like to use one so i can feel my abs tighten. Also to protect lower back.

10 reps on deadifts though? Thats like cardio lol :wink:

If I go above 600lbs, I’ll belt up. Otherwise I usually don’t. So basically, at 85-90%, belt up.

Op, I think it depends on you and your goals.

If you don’t want to hurt use a belt. Expect that you don’t gain much strength in your lower back and you’ll need to compensate with another lift to strenghten it.

I personally don’t use a belt but I also don’t use the squat and deadlift as my primary excercises.

[quote]Gaius Octavius wrote:
If I go above 600lbs, I’ll belt up. Otherwise I usually don’t. So basically, at 85-90%, belt up.[/quote]

Obviously 600lbs isn’t my 85%, but I belt up around 75-80%.

once I get over 450lbs I’ll put the belt on. Just a personally preference.

NEVER. Unless you start hurting yourself, and are 100% sure it’s lack of lordosis, don’t use one. Grow your own (Transverse Abdominis).