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When To Start Steroids


Hey guys I'm starting this thread because I'm not sure if I'm at the point in my training where I'm ready for steroids. I know a guy who sells and he's getting a big shipment of Equipoise after Christmas, and I'm strongly considering getting/running that for 10 weeks.

I'm 20 years old and have been lifting my balls off since 10th grade. I'm 6 feet tall on a good day, 240 lbs. at roughly 14-15% body fat (it's been a while since it's been taken). I haven't done true maxes in a while, but based on recent rep work and close to max effort singles, I estimate at least a 365 bench max, roughly a 600 deadlift, and well, the squat is currently shit because I've been adjusting to Oly shoes and a narrower stance, so lets say like, 435 or something.

Just wondering if I'm ready for the sauce yet. I was thinking about just doing a pro hormone like DMZ or H-drol instead to get started. Thoughts? Oh and I'm on YouTube under the username JJLederach if you want to see a few lifts. Only one squat video because like I said I've been playing with technique so I've had very little worth filming. Thanks!


What makes you think you are at the point of being ready? I'm not giving you attitude i am sincerely interested in your answer. Have you stopped gaining?

You have made no mention of PCT so perhaps more research is in order if that expression means nothing to you.

Re pro hormones, it is my opinion that they are a waste of time and money an that you are better off using proper AAS or using the money elsewhere, but thats me.


Oh well I haven't stopped gaining at all, but I just really want to take my training to new levels you know? I mean to be the best you can be you need to get on at some point, and I guess that's just kind of why I want to. As far as PCT clomid will be ordered with the cycle as well. I'll probably take an anti-aromatase on cycle, cycle support, milk thistle, fish oil and multi as usual. I was also considering Liv52. I think I have a good handle what to do for the most part.


At 21 if you're still gaining I'd hold fire for as long as possible, if it's not broke, don't fix it... yet :wink:


your 6 feet tall, 240lbs @ 15% bodyfat, your only in the 10th grade, and don't do steroids? I have some nice swamp land I'd love to sell you also. try again. lol.


Have you ever tried superdrol before??? well, i can attest myself and know many others that would rank this up there with any steroid ever made, including injectables. Don't generalize, some are incredible for gains. superdrol is one of them. along with epistane, dmz, ultradrol.


no man I've been lifting since 10th grade I'm 20 years old now going on 21 in a few months hahaha junior in college


oh yeah and I've actually been strongly considering some dmz instead to get started...plus you can buy it legally still so it takes the guesswork out of whether you're getting legit stuff or not


No, I haven't so I can't comment on its effectiveness from a personal/empirical perspective. I tried Pro hormones a long time ago, say ten years when I first began training and was very disappointed with the lack of results.

If superdrol is so great why use AAS then?


What you used were prohormones, meaning, they had to convert into the parent steroid to be effective. superdrol is a designer steroid, already the parent hormone. If you ever google superdrol and look at all the forums and reviews about it. you'd get a good idea of its effectiveness. As of right now, superdrol and all its clones are being taken off the market. so i'm trying to stock up a bit.


Superdrol is legit. It's not a pro hormone though, as was said.

people use other steroids because liver toxicity is an issue with superdrol, where it is not an issue with injectible drugs.


If you are going to shut yourself down, which superdrol does just like injectibles or oral AAS, do it right and just get a cycle of test and add another compound to it. I hated superdrol and it jacked my liver enzymes way up pretty quickly. I feel like it is a pretty dirty option if you are going to the darkside, go balls out on some deca/test or test/EQ if you are going to do it or just stay natty imo.


I was once told by a dr. himself, that just lifting weights can raise liver enzymes. Just about anything can. From my experience, if you take a good liver protectant and take it daily, it will keep your liver healthy. If you don't drink, that also helps a great deal.


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With all due respect, I don't care if you or anyone else "appreciates" what I say.

The main point is, is the raising of liver enzymes unhealthy? All that means is, your liver is working to break down the substance. But is that unhealthy? is it more unhealthy to go out and getting drunk every weekend, like most young guys do?



That's like saying to someone with HIV who has high antibody levels that all that's really going on is their body is fighting off the disease...

Even your bro knowledge is retarded...

Like BBB, I never really had any issues with your silly posts elsewhere, mainly because the other forums you tend to frequent are rubbish, but you are quite possibly the dumbest member on T-Nation...


using superdrol is the worst advise. dont do it. superdrol is a waste of time either go h drol for 6 weeks or get the real thing. By the time ur done recovering from superdrol ull be back at square one. trust me ive tried them both and prefer h drol 12339834834 times better than superdrol!


Thanks for all of the discussion guys it's helping a lot


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I thought 'liver protectants' administrated daily protected the liver? You should market them to the alcoholics, it would probably be a more profitable enterprise than your book, 'my life as a 400 year old vampire' or whatever the fuck you're calling it. I can see the label on the tub now (with RV pointing directly at the prospective buyer with a stern look on his face)...'is your liver being protectant-ed?'.