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When to Start PCT?

Week 11 of 500mg Test and started 300mg Mast E week 6 to 11.

I planned to switch to 150mg-200mg Test E and 600mg Mast E for the last few weeks of cycle.

I was wondering when is best to start PCT for my particular cycle. I understand it’s best to PCT two weeks after Test E or C.

But I was doing research and from what I’ve read, when your PCT starts all depends how long you were on and how much you were taking. So it’s all depending the amount that is built up in the system, the more built up the longer for it to leave the body.

Is this correct, if so is 4 weeks a good time to start or should I do the two?

Anything longer than 6 weeks is the same. Either way, 3 weeks is probably sufficient, 2 is being impatient.

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