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When to Start PCT?


6'2' 235lbs 27 years old


super tren-300mg/week
anastrozol EOD (starting week 3)

PCT: clomid & nolvdex

My question is when would you start PCT? I've read most places that you start a week after you finish your cycle. But someone I've talked to said you start it 3-4 weeks after, because there is still gear in your system, and you would waste it if you started PCT after 1 week. Which way is right? Also any comments on the cycle are welcome.


Goals are to get Stronger and Faster...not necessarily bigger


Your not running test with it?


From what I understand tren is very similar to test. I was going to do supertest, supertren, and EQ, but this being my first ever cycle, I decided to take one of them out to keep it simple. I figured the less stuff I take the less room for error. I will definitely add test next time I start a cycle.


First cycle i would stay away from tren...Why dont you just do test? or test and eq to start?


Rookie mistake I suppose. I realize now that I should have done EQ & test. It's too late now though, since I'm oversees and won't be able to order gear for another 3 months and have already started my current cycle. I'll just have to roll with it for now.


You could just stop your cycle and do a pct you know... Why the rush to complete a shitty first cycle? Nothing wrong with stopping, waiting til you get back home, and doing it right.
And oh, test e or c at 500mg a week for 8-12 weeks is a good 1st cycle. You could probably adjust it depending on your goals, but using this cycle would simplify things. Read the stickies please.


As much as I was excited to start my first cycle, it definitely makes sense to be patient and start over in a few months. How would I pct after 3-4 weeks? I'm assuming it wouldn't be the same as pct after 8+weeks.