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When to Start Nolva?


I have got my hands on 1200mg of nolva..

After some constructive critisicm I have decided to compromise and will do a 9 week cycle of test E 500mg/W and possibly some winstrol for last 3 weeks @ 50mg a day.

My PCT will be nolva @ 40mg/D for 1 week, followed by 2 weeks @ 20mg/D. This leaves me with 660mg of nolva left.

As I can't get any armidex, I plan to take a small dose of nolva on cycle (10mg/D) I have enough to do this for the 9 weeks of my cycle. However, the 14 day period before i start PCT will not be covered.

MY question is..should I start 10mg/D nolva at the beginning of week 3 of my cycle so that week 9/10 are covered, or should I start from week 1 and not take nolva in the 2 week gap between my cycle and PCT.

Thanks UB


There are research chemical sites that you can buy adex from. (no pms for sources, please)

Save the nolva for post cycle.

I have ran nolva while on cycle, due to not being unknowledgeable to AI use. Not nearly as affective of a cycle to say the least. Can be done but not optimal.



Thanks dude,

However I would rather just use Nolva throughout cycle. All I need to know is which of my two options I should do. i.e run nolva from week 1 and not have any for 2 week gap before PCT starts, or start Nolva beginning of week 3 and have a daily dose throughout 2 week gap between PCT..

Wow even im confused, i am sure some1 will understand.....


If you are determined to run your cycle with no AI and use Nolva at 10mg/d instead; then so be it. Not optimal, but at least you can avoid gyno (having Nolva on hand). You'll miss out on the benefits of maintaining a low normal estradiol level such as minimal bloating, maximal libido, mental clarity, increased cycle satisfaction, etc.

If you must do it that way, then skip the first several weeks as it will take that long for your blood level of test e to raise to full potency.



will look further into finding an AI, but the cost is quite considerable. Does Nolva on cycle not do the same job as the AI?
Ill go do some reading...


Adex from a research chemical costs between $40-70 for a couple of cycle's worth.

Just google research chemical and Adex


IME nolva is less than 'not optimal' while running testosterone, at 10mg a day it is 'not going to work'

10mg a day of nolvadex during 400mg/wk of test will only be enough to offset gynocomastia in the minority who do not easily suffer from aromatisation of test, and/or the individual's receptor sensitivity in the breast.

The truth is, 10mg/d is not going to offer much more 'protection' than nothing.. this is personal experience.

If you know how you react - then fine, if not spend a little more and do it right - or you may find you have a small growth under your nipple(s) and no other choice but to overdose the nolvadex for a week or two, and cease the failed cycle.

Your call.



Forget research chems and just buy some generic anastrozole tabs, nearly every UG and HG brand makes a generic Arimidex these days.


Why forget research Chems?

A semi-legal way to buy without a prescription and a hell of a lot cheaper than even 'Generic' pills.

Maybe you could introduce yourself to the forum in a thread of your own?



For some they are a good buy I guess, fast delivery and payment by CC are a bonus. Sadly most RC products are not independently tested prior to sale and for me that's the single most important thing.

I must have missed the introduction section, if there is one i'll make a post, thanks for the suggestion.


"Not independently tested" but instead you are telling them to go check out an UG lab. This one hurts my brain...


There isn't an introduction section - but if you had lurked here long enough you may have noticed there is an established community here, to which we often find an introduction thread from new posters giving 'advice' a polite way to begin...



S.B.C. shouldn't need an introduction. He is legendary in this community, and writes an awesome blog I read daily, you should too.


Welcome S.B.C.


Welcome sorebuttcheeks. It's good to have another fountain of information here...


"..It's good to have another fountain of information here..."

WHB - I have been a member here for going on 2 years including my first account, (IIRC) and not only have i not heard of this person, but i haven't agreed with much he has written in the 10 posts he has made so far - mostly about online ordering, and how UGlabs get their products independantly tested...
That to me is what i base my respect and value of a poster on - rightly or wrongly.

Not that my recognition is needed for him to be here, far from it - and not what i was suggesting, but after (at least) 18mths you can't be surprised when people don't have a clue who someone is/isn't.

And if i am going to listen to anyone giving advice, i either would like to read posts that are interesting and knowledgable - or have an introductory thread where they can be welcomed (back) into the community.

These 10 posts had not been the former, so i suggested the latter.

I will give the blog a look, by all means WHB.



I knew that when Rainjack was lost in Ragnarok we would eventually see his return in another being. lol What the fuck kind of name is Sorebuttcheeks? Secondly, no your generic pill suggestion is balls. Arimidex will be priced accordingly no matter who the fuck makes it. Thirdly, 10mg is a whole lot of nothing unless your some of those rare few that can run test bareback and get away with it.

What the OP needs is to either get an AI (not artificial intelligence) or not fuck around with the SERM until gyno starts to show its ugly head then load up with 60mg/day until it fades then drop it and continue on his merry way.


Thanks Everyone,

Its great to get some advice from guys that know what they are doing.

Ill just get a decent AI, it seems to be the safest option..



Thanks Everyone,

Its great to get some advice from guys that know what they are doing.

Ill just get a decent AI, it seems to be the safest option..



I don't really understand the hostility. Sorry if anything I've posted has offended you.