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When to Start My Weightgainer?

2 days ago my friend gave me a 1.5 lbs jar of ultimate nutrition isomax extreme gainer. I never had supplements like that, I don’t have the money for it.It contains 27 scoops, a portion is 3 scoop a day.I can make it last 9 days to 27 days.

Right now i am bulking, I am following Christian Thibaudeau Beast Building Program. It consist in three phase: the first is for strenght,the third is hypertrophy and the second is kind of half/half.

When should I start taking my gainer? When training strenght or hypertrophy? How much should I take per day, assuming that I am eating alot?

Thank you.

why not at both times?

It’s food!

Just drink it when you need a supplemental source of calories to meet your daily goal.

squats and milk… with your gainer powder mixed in.

Sounds like you’re a young dude just getting into lifting. You shouldn’t waste your money on weight gainers. Meat and eggs is where it’s at. It’s good to hear you’re reading CT.

I wouldn’t buy gainers any more, but when I had more trouble eating when I was bulking for rugby I used them. I would go once or twice a day, usually after training (as they have so much sugar)

gainers are going to be dramtically more effective as quick Pre and Post workout drinks.

Generally they are whey and maltodextrin, or even sugar.

I would rather drink milk, its cheaper and about the same thing.

If you dont like milk that much make super milk, just buy powdered milk, and mix it with liquid whole milk.

Bam, youve got milk with 30grams of protien a cup.

I never buy gainer or stuff like that but my friend gave me a jar free.It has creatine in it, so I guess it’s gonna help me more than only milk. Because it is a little jar (1.5 kg), It will last for maybe 3 weeks so I wonder if I should take it in a hypertrophy phase or a strenght phase. I drink 2L of milk everyday, I will mix my gainer with it.

creatine or no creatine it won’t help THAT much- for creatine to work (that is- increase intracellular volume) and therefore increase help in lifting- you have to take it for over a month.

Reason being is that it takes time for creatine to enter the muscle and raise it to a significant amount. If you can’t afford it in the first place, you won’t be taking it for over a month. Like westlock says most weight gainers are protein and sugar.

lets make it ever more truthful- Cheap protein and cheap sugar. Ive been there bro- trying to gain muscle and with companies that try to compete for your buck with crazy and interesting “new research” to gain freakish amounts of muscle (even this site;)- the mostly this site has some good stuff i.e Surge, Flameout, Metabolic Drive).

Don’t buy into the scam. Workout- and eat food. The more food you cook yourself the better. Fast food isn’t good for building muscle and it can get expensive to dine out at places that serves good food. Workout- eat- get another hobby outside of working out!! - sleep. Repeat.

Hope this helps,