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When to start gaining cycle?


I've been dropping the fat down a lot recently, and I'm down to about 205 now. The question I have is, should I wait until I'm under 10% BF to start a gaining cycle? The reason for that is usually that you might gain fat cells, but since I dropped a lot of fat, wouldn't they just increase in size? Or is that totally wrong? Should I keep dieting until I get in the 10% area? Or could I do a quick gaining cycle to get some of my muscle back?

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I thought you were going to leave?


what are your current goals? if your goal is 8% cut until you get there then bulk. imo it is all based on your goals.

i would definitley wait until under 10% to bulk because you will probabaly add some fat.


I strongly reccomend you wait until you reach 10% or less bf.

The lower your bodyfat, the higher the muscle-fat ratio when you go about bulking afterwards.