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When to Start Eating Like a Machine?


Hey guys, planning my first cycle - 500mg test e e7d only. And as test injections take a while to take full effect, I was wondering when would be the optimal time to increase my calories significantly. I obviously don't want to do it too soon and become an ambulocetus before the test even starts working.

I am cutting right now and maintain at around 2400 kcals (tiny guy at 5'6 here) and usually when bulking normally I go to 2900. How much should I add on top of that to maximize my gains on the cycle?

I was thinking up to 2900 immediately and then go to 3400 as test takes effect - good or bad idea? I am terrified at getting fat and would rather leave a pound or two of gains on the road rather than gain too much fat.


Don't be afraid of a few extra pounds. You can cut later. If your maintenance calories are 2400 I'm guessing you are about 135 or less? Which suggests you probably aren't at a point where you are ready for steroids. Can you please post more info about yourself?


I don't know man there are some "big" bantam weights out there. I've seen guys at 135-140 look huge. Granted they were peeled and dry as fuck but surprising how big they actually looked.

Whats interesting is, if I am reading correctly, you plan on pinning every 7 days. Is that correct? I've never heard that. I've only ever seen people with test e 500 mg a week pin twice.


test e e7d???

I'd break it up into 2 injections 250 each. More stable levels that way.


Just throwing it out there I'm 5'6" and 220 and I maintain very easy at 2200-2400 calories with more than enough energy to keep sessions intense. Even when bulking to my heaviest and fattest out of shape I NEVER went over 3000 calories unless on the weekly cheat meal day. My bulking up was 250 pro (1000 calories) 300g Carbs ( 1200 calories ) and 70g of far (630 calories) for a 2800 calorie total for the day and just got fat Lol.


Are you serious reed ive seen pics of your meal that's 3000 cals


Lmao yeah but that is seriously once a week type deals and I don't always eat it all and usually split it between me, my girl, and her little boy. Think about you only see those pics very rarely and often times its pizza, lasagna, fried fish or something along those lines and if you go back its usually on a Saturday Lol. But if you think about it during the week I hardly ever go over 2500 calories and now that I'm working with Amit a little bit I'm even below that most days.


I've been wrong before. I can admit if I've inserted my foot into my mouth. I was basing that upon what I'm familiar with and should recognize that everyone is different. Still wondering what OP's stats are though.


No I agree with you fully I am def an outlier when it comes to calories. But I used to be morbidly obese and that probably has something to do with why my metabolism is so slow now. But I am def interested in the op stats as well.


Jeez I need 4500 cals just to maintain at 230


I am in prep right now and eating about 3100 cals and don't know how I'm gonna make it lol. I will admit though its a nice change from stuffing my face to the point of vomiting.


i'd suggest pinning something like sun-thur, as test e/cyp has a half life of 4.5 days.... pinning once a week is gonna result in more roller coaster hormone issues.


That makes sense. For most people I assume about 17 calories per pound. Of course everyone has a different metabolism and everyones activity levels are different. i.e. construction worker vs office worker. I have an extremely high metabolism and have my whole life. I'm closer to 20 calories per pound depending on how active I am on a given day.


Arent cyp/enth in the 10-12 day range? Should still pin twice weekly but I thought they right around 10-12.


Thanks for the twice a week tip, unfortunately that will be very difficult as I travel 5 days a week for my job and can't risk taking injectables through airport security.




for some reason, somebody claimed that a while back and wrote up some chart with all these half-lives and such, but it was way off.

anecdotally, if it was 10-12 days, then it would never make any sense as to why using test e/cyp 2x a week was a good idea. and in looking at the actual pharmokinetics of the drug, we see that it's 4.5 days, so all the sudden, one realizes that twice weekly administration does make sense....



Just put a loaded syringe in a checked bag and if anyone happens to ask (which they won't), tell them it's Vitamin B12. Pinning once a week is just asking for problems with E.


Or just inject every 5 days. Right before you leave and right when you get back

  1. I inject almost everything on Mondays of each week no matter how much or what I am running unless it is Prop, Ace, or a Suspension. I do not have problems with E or anything along those lines. I am not saying it is optimal but it is possible and chances are you will not die. Most TRT are every 7-10 days with Cyp you will be fine. Spreading out may be more efficient but if it is I have yet to notice a difference.

  2. Do not take a loaded syringe in any bag. Sorry but no it is not worth it do not do it.