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When to Start Doing Cardio?

[quote]spk wrote:

well put!!!


your last paragraph… wow man!! i was nationally ranked quite a while in the mile run, and currently race the pro level on bicycles…

That’s good for you then. But since you know so much about running and cycling then you should stick to those cause clearly you don’t know much about rugby?

[quote]spk wrote:
to each his own, but personally, i never understand posts like this one. you bulk up to get bigger for a sport you’re really to small for? now you wanna know when to start doing cardio to get in shape?? whay not play a sport that goes with your natural size. i can see adding a few pounds on for a sport, but you start adding on a ton of weight, i bet you’ll be so ez to fake out and run around. ypu’ll have no quickness.

your tendons and ligaments were meant to move the natural you, not you with added weight…top doctors have said this for years… maybe if you are a bodybuilder where you just stand there, or lift for power,you can add on a lot of bulk, but rugby? you gotta move quickly from side to side. added weight, if a lot, = blown knee…
good luck bro…[/quote]

maybe he likes rugby… think of that

[quote]egyptianBulk wrote:
I think 6 weeks is ok but you will have to work on sprints a bit earlier than that to increase your short burst speed[/quote]