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When to Start Competing?


I'm new to competitive lifting and just wanted to know when i should start competing.


Most people who have competed will say if you're thinking about doing it, just do it. Don't worry about all the ins and outs of weight cutting and what your lift numbers should be, just get out there and do a competition. After that, if you're hooked and you want to go again, then learn from the experience based on what went well and what didn't, seek professional coaching or get with a group of fellow competitors and do work.


Just find a comp and go compete. Don't worry about anything but showing up and lifting. There's never a perfect time to start competing, just do it and you'll find your training afterward will be better for it. You'll walkaway with some good lessons, and connections.


Agreed. I just did my first meet on November 5th and I loved it. Definitely got the bug now and am looking forward to my next competition.

My only advise is to find someone with experience in the fed you're looking at so you can find out what you need (singlet, knee sleeves/wraps, belts, etc) and what will be expected of you (lift commands etc).