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When to Start Clomid?


Hey guys, this is my cycle:

5 Weeks Test E/600mg/week
5 Weeks Dbol 30mg/day

I know most of you will probably rip on me for having it be so short but this is what I have available and I really have no more cash on hand to purchase any more gear, and I think I should be able to make some solid gains. I have Adex on hand for any sides from the dbol.

My question is when to start clomid. If I was running just the test e I know I would have to wait 2 weeks for the test to leave my system but since im running Dbol I believe I would start pct the day after I stop dbol? How will this affect my pct?

Was planning to clomid 50/50/50/50


test is cheap…buy more


You are right that 5 weeks is very short, especially since your test is enanthate which takes a couple weeks to peak and a couple more for the magic to happen.

You will be ending your cycle right as you start getting the business end of it, for short cycles look toward short esters. Prop ftw.

As far as PCT your clomid dose is a little low, I think people tend toward 100-150mg/day; its not as powerful as nolva (and makes me break out something fierce.

You will have to wait for the test to clear your system before beginning pct, and again with long ester test, this can take 2-3 weeks following your last injection. Stopping the Dbol won’t affect this, all the drugs need to be out of your system before PCT starts or you will whiff it.