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When to Start Clomid?

I have recently finished a 12 week cycle of test and want to know when is the best time to start clomid.
To use up the rest of my gear my last shot consisted of a mix of Cyp 100ml (100mg/ml) and Enanthate 100ml (200mg/ml).
I was pinning twice a week, 200mg of test each shot…yes only 400mg a week.

My last shot however was 300mg as i figured I’ll just use it all up.
Everything I read seems to offer different opinions on the half life of these two. I know test E seems to be around 10 Days and Test Cyp around 14.
Can anyone actually shed some real light on the subject.
Much appreciated!

2 weeks after last shot.

So you started and finished a cycle before you knew when to start pct?.. Bravo

If you read my post correctly Bud you would ascertain that I have done plenty of reading on the subject.
I was after a clear answer from someone who may have walked the path before me and has a little more experience with gear and pct timing based on my situation.
Rather than trying to prove your superiority by belittling others why don’t you offer some of your mighty wisdom hey ?

so Bud was wrong? You didn’t start a cycle before knowing when to start PCT?

What do you want me to say? Congrats? If you don’t know when to start pct after running a cycle then no, you haven’t done plenty of research and if you take offense to me saying that it was an unwise then so be it, sometimes tough love is the only way to learn.

But if I misunderstood the purpose of your post and you merely want to talk half lives, then lets talk half lives.

My original plan was 14 days after the last shot, as this seems to be the general consensus. Just because I didnt articulate that in the beginning doesnt mean I had no plan or clue when to start.
All I am saying is the deeper I read there seems to be lots of conflicting information about actual optimal start times, as dosage seems to play a role.
This is my first time using gear so I’m the first to admit I have no experience. I just wanted to hear other peoples thoughts on the subject.