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When to Start Arimidex?

Quick question, I have been told when starting a Test cycle you don’t need to start taking your Arimidex until the T levels are high enough to cause any conversion. Could anyone tell me what week I should begin taking Alex if I take 800mg of Test split twice a week? In my previous cycles I have started the Adex 3 days after my first jab.

And secondly, if I use Dbol as a kickstart @ 50mg a day should I begin Adex on week 1 due to it being much quicker to kick in and aromatise.

At that dose, I’d start at 0.5mg EOD and your first dose on first injection/pill.

Why are you taking 800mg?

You only take an AI when you need to.

What are you pre/mid/post bloods typically like?

Whomever told you this is not a smart person and should not be trusted as a reliable source of information. Conversion starts the moment you start a cycle. (It was happening before your cycle too, but that’s neither here nor there)

The answer is “take it when you need to”. I’m usually not wild about AI usage from the start, but with that much test and that much dbol you probably are one of those cases where you’ll need it from day one.

Because I am 6ft at 120kg while quite lean with good genetics and have been lifting heavy 6 days a week for 4 or 5 years. I have no problems with this dose, except a small bit of acne on my traps. The usual 500mg for me simply doesn’t cut it, my source is always reliable (from the well known labs) so isn’t underdosed

And bloods?

Hey jaykay question for you
I’m about to start a 500mg test e cycle
It’s my first cycle so I don’t know if I’m one of those unlucky guys gyno prone.
I have arimidex - this is my question. I have done my blood work and my test and estrogen levels are normal ( obviously). So now I have base line. I plan to do mid cycle blood work… do i wait for that before I take arimidex ? Will taking arimidex without high test cause my estrogen to drop too low? What if I start showing gyno symptoms before mid cycle blood work?

It’s kind of difficult to give you a good answer as everyone responds differently.

Some people will start from day 1, others will wait until they start getting itchy nips, some may start after 3-4 weeks until the Test levels start stabilising and and some may not need it at all.

Finding that “sweet spot” is going to be experimental.