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When to Start a Cycle After Getting Back to Working Out?

So I had to take about a two month break from working out. I was out of town for a month for work and then Covid got my ass and knocked me down for a bit. I just recently Got back in the gym and am wondering how long should I workout till I start a cycle?

I’m extremely unqualified but if it were me and it wasn’t my first cycle and I’d been working out a while prior… I’d just wait till I got back to where I was before I quit then blast off, assuming now you’re able to be back in the gym for the foreseeable future.

Whats your previous cycles look like?
Also, add a picture if you are not Obamas illegitimate son that cant be seen online.


No, sorry to be blunt, but this was a choice. I’ve been in the gym 5 days a week for over 20 years and never took a two month break. Not through surgery, sickness, work or vacation. This is not a brag but a point I’m about to make.

You shouldn’t. Unless you have strict discipline to continue working out as a ‘lifer’ you shouldn’t risk your health to cycle. Just my two cents.


You shouldn’t start a cycle.


Yep, some guys will be on the leg press with a broken arm, and others will be at home on the couch. IMO, AAS is out of the question for the latter.

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Start at 7:30 if you are really impatient.

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Im a simple person, i see Dave Tate or Wendler and i click “Like”.

Im happy with many answers on this topic as i also kinda got the feeling that OP is one of the “i have been going to the gym for 6 months, made 0 progress, and i was thinking of test, tren, mast, stanazolol, halo, hgh and insulin cycle” guys :smiley:

I’m 30, I’ve probably been in the gym consistently since I was a freshman in high school. Maybe not as serious as some of you guys but I’ve always been in the gym. Within the passed 10 months I’ve had 2 back surgeries, and ACL surgery, and right as my knee and back were getting to where I wasn’t limited anymore I got Covid and that deff knocked me down as I was just trying to get back to where I was in the gym. Working out is nothing new to me. I doubt I’ll be a “lifer” but my gyms days are far from over. I just simply would like to know, in my particular situation, would it be smarter to wait till my body is at least use to the gym again before I start a test cycle, or does it even matter?

Wait at least until you are where you were. You may need time for other things like tendons to get back to where they were. Getting strong too fast can cause injury for some.

Assuming you have used AAS’s before. Workout as best you know to get stronger. When you plateau for three consecutive weeks, start your cycle.

how many cycles have you run?

I would not touch anything before ive maxed out every thing there is…
1)Didnt get stronger and didnt gain weight - problem is FOOD.
2)Did gain weight, didnt get stronger - problem is PROGRAM.

When these dont help, try come creatine, protein powders, pre workouts or even new shoes or shorts(sometimes looking better = feeling better = performing better). When you are stuck for months - you can start some T cycle at lowest possible dosages and start again with point 1 and 2.

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When I screwed up my eye, I wasn’t even allowed to get my heart rate up on a treadmill (I also came off everything, cold turkey). When I tore my bicep, I kept working out as normal, only withholding exercises that were bicep intensive. But there’s plenty of ways to workout and still get bigger and stronger without messing with a bicep.


For some, training is just part of who they are. They almost have to do it. I am that way. I remember CT Fletcher responding to someone asking how he has had the motivation to keep training after 30 some years, and he said getting himself to train is like getting a smoker to take a smoke break.

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Yea, i always say that there are 2 types of people that i come to known in training lots of people :
1)“Im 21, my knee hurts, i cant do bodyweight squats or jumps”
2)“Im 55, i have had a stroke, my back is broken, my knees dont bend, but i will do this backflip over this box or die trying”.

There are people who will find any excuse not to do light cardio, and then there are guys in wheelchairs who do pullups WITH wheelchairs tied to them.


I am both of these people :rofl: