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When to Schedule Dynamic Days?


Does it make a huge difference what day you schedule your dynamic days on? Is it alright to do both squat and bench dynamic on the same day? I'm doing 5/3/1 and was thinking of scheduling dynamics like this:

Monday: Squat
Tuesday: Bench
Wednesday: Squat/Bench dynamic
Thursday: Deadlift
Friday: Military

Anything wrong with that or should I have more time between squat/bench and the dynamic day?


Well... its back to back bench days. and 48 hours between squat days. Conjugate method called for 72 hours, I believe. Wendler calls for not overthinking it and doing 5/3/1 the way it was written, I believe.


Why not just do 5/3/1 the way it's written, save the dynamic days for when your weight starts to get really heavy?

I understand your thought process in wanting to assimilate all the information out there to create the ultimate program, but at some point taking two great programming methods and meshing them together gets you one half asses program. Now I do my warm up sets as dynamic / perfect rep kinda manner where I'm lifting as explosively as possible for 3 reps with small increments until I reach my working weight. I feel this really wakes up my cns and primes my body to move some heavy weight without really tiring me out.


Thanks bchrisen and TRT. That makes a lot of sense.


and 4 days after the max effort day. so they only do the main lift in their current cycle twice a week.