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When to rotate workout? Which one?

Ive been doing t-dawg 2.0 and Muscle meltdown 1 for 5 weeks now. The results have been insane!! Very happy. I plan on staying on tdwag til i hit my goal of single digit body fat (I have a LONG way to go, but Im on my way). But regarding my weight training, when should I rotate it? Ive heard 6 weeks, but Ive also heard 12. Meltdown has been kicking my butt. So the first question is when do I switch up My meltdown training? Second question what should I swithch to? How about meltdown 2? Thanks in advance.
By the way, its taken me several weeks just to be able to handle the meltdown workout. ie they reccomend incorporating rope jumping in week 3. I could barely walk in week 3 so I didnt incorporate jump rope till last week. FYI results: starting weight 256 current 241. Plus Ive added creatine which always bumps me a few pounds, and Im significantly stronger then I was 5 weeks ago!! Ive been strict real strict. But this webs site, these workouts, the feedback on the forum, and biotest supplements are amazing.

In the Meltdown article it says not to do the program for more than 6 weeks. When I did the program most people here said to do it for 3-4 weeks. So I think it is definately time for a change.

I would change to a lower volume, higher intensity program such as 5 by 5.

This is also dependent on how long you have been training. If you are new to training then your body isn’t going to adapt to the stimulus you apply as quickly. You will be able to stick with one program longer.

This by no means say you have to or should. Change is good for any # of reasons. I would say if you like the program and have received great gains from it then I would change to a program that attacks your body in a totally oppisite way for 3-4 weeks and then go back to it for another 6. This way you will actually have changed programs befor fully adapting and will be able to come back to the program you like sooner and still receive good results.

Just my 2cc


Any specific programs you could reccomend that work well while on tdawg 2? Fat loss is my Primary focus. Thanks.


I really enjoyed the ABBH program while following both a hypo and hyper caloric diet. You might check it out. A mix of both high wieght and high rep work.

It has received a lot of good words on the forumn in general.

Add in YOUR appropriate amount of cardio and you should recieve good results while losing BF%.