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When to Quit Cycle Based on Liver Enzymes?


I’ve got a question for all of you who have experience with orals, 'cause I need a little help…

Im on TRT, but doing a blast (500mg test E / 40mg tbol).
Using NAC for liver protection (1800mg /day).

I get bloodwork done normally, and three weeks into my blast I found my AST and ALT are just above the reference range. (By just, I mean by like one or two points…)

At the same time, I feel I am starting to get a little bloated / mild pain on the right side of my abdomen. It could be psychosomatic, or excessive gas. Been farting like a f@ckin’ champion. Who knows.

Anyway, the question is, what would YOU do? I’ve got three weeks left of tbol, and then another four on my test E cycle.

a) Shut up and continue the cycle - a few points above range is no big deal.
b) Stop the Orals - sounds funky.
c) Stop the orals and Test E - my liver is going to explode

Both can be elevated due to the stress put on the body during strenuous exercise, especially weight training.

This one ^



Yeah I figured this - but better safe asking, right?

In general though, thoughts on when to bail out of a cycle based on liver enzyme levels? Are there any criteria that others use?

@deanis55 summed it up quite well. My liver enzymes are quite frequently double the top range off cycle. If you get lab reports that you are uncomfortable with, just drop the tbol and continue with the test. Honestly, the tbol should be a short 4-6 week run anyway.


100%. There’s very few silly questions here. We are all just people with different levels of experience.

You will learn what you do and don’t feel comfortable with. It’s a personal choice. I have never seen any specific number one would reach before being concerned. Plus everyone is different - @blshaw sounds like a monster in the gym, probably trains fking hard and elevated ALT & AST of 2x ref range is completely normal for him. Every blood test i have done i have had both elevated by 20-50% above ref range.

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FWIW, I have heard a few high level guys say the bailing point is 2X top of range for AST, and 3X for ALT (might have those backwards). Your risk vs reward might be different as these are high level guys.

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Thanks everyone for the replies!

I continued the blast until yesterday - been feeling “off” so I decided to bail on the orals at the very least. Chest is feeling tight, and my blood pressure is working it’s way up (139/89) so… looking like I will come off the higher test as well. Will have to wait until next week for LDL and HDL results, but I’ve got the feeling theyre fxxed.

Shitty, but there ya go.