When to quit a program

Ive finished phase 2 of Kings 12 weeks to super strength chest and back, and legs programs. While my legs have made some progress my chest and back have LOST considerable amounts of strength. Should I quit now or finish weeks 7 through 12.

I considered quiting the Upper Body Strength program after 4 weeks. I wasn’t losing in size, but I wasn’t making any significant gains. I decided to stick it out and I’m really glad I did. I’m in week 12 now and can really see and feel the difference. Week 7 when I started the supersets really did it for me.

Im also a fair bit less flexible even though Ive been doing the stretching as recomended. To be honest if a program of mine was working this badly I would have changed it a while ago. Should I keep it up or quit now

Keep at it. You will see results very quickly if your experience is similar to mine.