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When to Pull Labs?

I’m 12 weeks into my TRT protocol now and have my second set of labs due for the Dr. I am on 200mg/ml and splitting that up into two injections a week every 3.5d. Currently that is Monday morning and Friday mornings. Should I do my labs the day after an injection? A few days after? I’m off on Wednesdays and prefer to do them on a Wednesday will that be ok?

If you want to measure your trough then Friday AM before your shot. Wednesday will give you pretty much the middle of the curve, from which you can extrapolate almost nothing useful.

I can maybe do it Friday before I go into work then and do the shot when I arrive at work. So middle of the curve is the WORST time to get labs?

Based on Lab-Corps schedules could I do a Monday morning before shot and still be ok?

Yes right before any injection is your trough

Thanks I’ll do it early on Monday next week. I’ll report back findings and hopefully can find a reason for my horrible back sweats.