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When to Pin HCG?


some say the day beofre your test, some say the two days before and the day before the test, while some even say the day after you pin test:

so i ask what exactly does hcg do to the test levels if you shoot the day before the test pin?


what exactly will hcg do to your body if you pin the day after you pin the test?

conflicting answers as to when to pin the hcg?

also adex eod, but some also say to take it all at once the day of hcg in order to cause e2 to not spike?

any help with these questions will help me decide when i will shoot my test and hcg! thanks


How often are you taking Test?

If you are only injecting Test once per week, it is best to use HCG towards the end of the week to keep your levels up as the half life expires.

If you are injecting Test EOD or E3D, I would just use hcg on those days for simplicity.


ok so if i pin test on say monday morning at 200mlg, i was told to take it the next day along with my adex, but others are telling me to pin hcg, the day before the test?

confusing as heck!

sent you a pm as well!


I truthfully don't understand your HRT doc's reasoning here. You are only taking test once a week on Monday, correct?

In that case, your test is falling off by the end of the week. If for whatever reason you can ONLY inject test once a week (which I don't think is ideal), I think you would want to take your HCG 4 and 6 days later, in order to maintain somewhat steady test levels. I think this is similar to what Dr. Crisler recommends (he may recommend Day 5 and 6).

BUT, ideally, you would follow the injection protocol in the stickeys. I strongly believe that is the best dosing regimen to keep test (and thus E2) levels steady. It makes everything so much easier taking everything 2-3 times a week (M-Th or MWF, for instance). Adex should be taken EOD, or E3D tops (personally I can feel estrogenic sides after 3 days, so I take it MWF along with my test). If I was taking HCG, I would also do it MWF just for simplicity sake.


ok so my test should be broken up to 2 times a week at 100mlg 2 times a week, and hcg 2 times a week as well then correct?

i see where your comming from but....

with test cyp, it should have a half life of about 8-12 days correct? and with that, after 8-12 days i would still have about 100mlgs of test still in me, correct if i shoot 1 time a week, (every monday) at 200mlg?

so i still wonder if pinning hcg the day before is better than the day after, as hcg will give me a boost of test for about 6-8 hours if i shoot it the day before, and if i shoot it the day after, i would have a peak too high when the cyp were to peak, correct? and thus may create too much of an estrogen spike and cause me more issues in terms of an AI?

please correct anything i say as i am not a doc, just a newbee!

you do 3 pins a week with adex? at how much total a week for hcg and test, if i may ask?


Im saying to work with your doctor to find a dosing protocol that works for you. But generally, if you insist on only shooting test once per week (this is just fine for some people), then you want to space it out so that you are not taking Test, then following it up with HCG.

The half life of Cyp is about 7 days, and just because you have half of it remaining (plus accumulation from prior doses) does not mean your blood levels are stable....I am a big advocate of stabilizing as much as possible, especially since MWF injections are so easy.

I do not take HCG. I take 100 mg/week of Test divided into 30-30-40 doses on MWF, with 0.25 mg Adex on MWF (total .75 mg/week). I think my adex dose may be too low, but am not changing it before my upcoming blood test.


ok so here it is:

sunday 125 iu hcg
monday 100mlg test

wed 125 iu hcg
thursday: 100mlg test!

and either aromasin, or adex,

aromasin will be every day at 12.5
adex Mix 1mg per ml, in your case, 1.1ml. Divide your weekly dose by 3.5 and that will be your EOD dose, .285 ml for 1mg/week.
(care of ksman from these forums)

how does this look?


12.5 mg of Aromasin looks awfully high to be taken every day. When I was taking it, I would dose 12.5 mg E3D. 12.5 mg of Aromasin is roughly about the same as 1 mg of Adex, so I would dose them similarly given that info.

Also your hcg is only 250 iu/week. I would probably shoot for 500 iu/week, so maybe just double your twice weekly dose.