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When to Periodise Training...


Just a quick question guys, at what stage do you need to start seriously periodising training, as in taking a backoff week every four weeks and changing rep schemes every week from 3x5 to 5x3 etc.

All raw stats, i dont go equipped.
I currently squat 160kg x 5
bench 110kg x 6
Deadlift 200kg x 1
Clean and press 90 - 95 kgs x 1

I am 5'9 and weigh 83 - 84 kgs currently, I'd to stay in the 82.5 category but I know I am a little tall for it.

I am currently training each main movement once a week, sometimes bench twice if im feeling strong. And I love the simplicity off adding another rep of kilo each workout, but sometimes I just can't move up every week.

Any advice would be appreciated at all

(Edit, my current workout is 5x5 on main movements and do chest with bench, legs with squat, back with deadlift, shoulders with clean and press usually)


If your eating enough you really shouldnt have to take a week off every four weeks. Best thing you can do is listen to your body, if your feeling beat up, then you can take some time off.


Periodization is a pretty broad term and it really just means to have an overall training plan and progression scheme. I don't think you need to do any too fancy just yet. If some of your lifts have stalled, simply decrease the weights for your work set by 10-15% and start working back up in weight over a period of weeks. Hopefully doing this will give you some "momentum" when you reach your current weights again and you can surpass your current strength levels before you stall again. You should also think about trying to gain some weight. Your bodyweight to strength ratios are pretty good already so you may not be able to gain alot more strength without increasing your bodyweight.


You dont need to worry about that for a while... if ever.


Thats what I was hoping I would hear!
Thanks for the advice, I'll just keep eating and lifting for now then