When to NOT go AMRAP ? (8/6/3)

Hey Gyus got this question.

I am starting this variation of 5/3/1 https://forums.t-nation.com/clicks/track?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.t-nation.com%2Ftraining%2F8-6-3-for-size-and-strength&post_id=4386395&topic_id=214457.

Now the author dont say if you should go AMRAP on the last set or not.

I am trying to get more volume for bodybuilding after the main lift with accessories, and i dont want to fatigue as much to my main lifts.

Would you still go AMRAP?

In general, when would you NOT go AMRAP excepts after you come back from a layoff or injury (5s Progression)?

Follow the program I wrote. This is shit.

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Thx for the straight awnser, so instead of doing this “shit”, you say i should stick to 5s progression if my focus is on hypertrophy ?

First, if you are going to use this forum, it’d be best to ask questions of books, articles that I wrote.

Second, if you want to get bigger, the most important thing is diet. 99% of the article on “dieting for mass” are so fucking awful so be wary who you listen to.

Main work - less
Supplemental - more
Jumps/Throws - less
Assistance - more
Hard Conditioning - none to less
Easy Conditioning - usual 30 min/day
Recovery - 1 session per training session

So in other words:
if focus is on hypertrophy bodybuilding stuff high volume = going balls out on the 5/3/1 last set is not the best idea.

i get it

5s progressions is a tool for some stuff like mine or some bad ass BBB variations like the beyond books says to no go balls out on the main work.

thx for your work on the books and for your straight forward, no bullshit support