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When to Mix Things Up?


Read alot that you should "mix things up", change exercises to shock the body as continued usage of a same exercise may not work as well after a while. (or smth along these lines) h/w, its also said that one has to be consistent in his workouts,have a good workout routine and not always change things up or there wont be progress.

so when exactly should i start to "mix things up"? and what should i change? im guessing only some of the supplental exercises.

for instance ive been doing medial delt flyes and have now changed them to overhead presses, and bbell curls to hammer curls. is this the way i should be doing it?


Stop doing it when it stops working


I think it is good to change exercises occasionally [too vague?]. How about every 3-4 months. Heck, I've been doing bench, squat, deadlift, curls, lateral raises, blah blah for four years. In theory, I should have ceased seeing results LONG ago.

I disagree with the whole "muscle confusion" that seems to be fun to say. Your muscle has no idea what it is lifting. Muscle confusion is as simple as adding weight or changing the number of reps you do.

If you never add weight, or change the number of sets/reps, then no, your muscle will no longer be stimulated and change(grow).


ha ha what the heck does this mean?


Even though you are not getting results after 3 months you should keep doing the exercise because an article said that you shouldn't switch it up until 5 months. Remember strangers know more about your body than you do


If something isn't working, you should have an idea after a month - as in weight is not increasing or reps are not being added. Even if that is the case, the first thing I would look at is nutrition, not the exercise.


ok i get what both of you are trying to say. ok ill give some more info, my main/big lifts are increasing whether in reps/weight/decreased rest time (i.e bench,squats,rows) but some of my supplemental work are not really improving such as the medial delt raises/bbell curls. at first i wasnt too overly concerned cause my reasoning was that as long as my main lifts are getting better, im not gonna complain. but now its been two mths and ive been using the about same weight/reps for those supp. exercises. so yup. im definitely not switching up my main lifts, but am just wondering if i should for these supp exercises. yup. hope this helps more.


Why not BB curls and hammer curls, why not delt flyes and overhead press? When you find something that works, keep doing it.

The only thing i switch up here and there are the reps and amount of sets. Some days you have it, some days you don't.


k-man: im just following the workout routine? WSFSB to be exact. yea i get what you mean! somedays im able to do more reps, somedays i just cant push it. (i usually only increase the reps if i've "got it" that day) and usually if i still feel good after my workout ill just add in a finisher (pick an exercise, overhead press/db press and hit failure) or bust out some more sets.

but the problem i was talking about is that some of my supp. exercises havnt been improving lately.


The exercises you mentioned, well at least lateral raises, do not magically add on weight. I've been using 35-40 lb db's for ... a while. How do I judge progress? but the sets and reps that I add. Try different rep schemes as well. Take a heavy weight, and do bb curls with sets of three. Try to add a rep a set each week. There are ways around this. Think in terms of forcing, or convincing, your muscle to adapt.


^^Read what the dudeabides said. Supplementary exercises go up very slowly, sometimes i'll only hit a 5lb increase, some months not at all. As long as your working the muscle targetted and doing more sets/reps...your fine.

Stimulate don't annihilate. Probably my favorite bodybuilding quote, i think Lee Haney said that. It rings especially true for your assistance work.


hmmm ok thanks for the advice guys. i have tried adding more reps definitely. i always try to beat the log book some way or another. ill try adding more sets then. (:


I would just like to say that I would consider some kind of overhead press to be a staple/core lift.

Yes I think your main lifts should stay pretty much the same for several months, the only time you change these would be to do a similar variation.

As has been said your assistance exercises are slower to improve and it may also vary more week to week depending on the intensity of your main lift. For example if you hit a good rep PB on bench and then do flys, I wouldnt be surprized if your flys were not quite as strong that day because you fatigued your chest more than usual on the presses.