When to Inject

I am currently on Deca, Sus 250, and Durabol. When would be the best time to inject the deca and the sus 250? Before or after workouts? I am also using a 1 inch needle for a buttocks injection should I start using a 1 1/2?

Semper Fi!

uhhhh are you serious??? Look up the steroid newbies thread and if you havent started your cycle yet, DONT!!

Sust 250 needs to be shot EOD to keep blood levels stable, due to the blend of esters.

Durabol…do you mean Durabolin, as Nandrolone PhenylPropionate? That needs to be shot E3D minimum. I’d prefer EOD.

Deca is fine to shoot E4D, or even once a week… but I prefer shooting long esters E3D.

What I’m getting at, is that if you’re only shooting your ass once a week with these compounds, you’re doing it wrong.

1.5 is a good general length for your glute… you can get away with 1" if you’re lean. Basically your objective is to get the compound deep into the muscle belly, away from the adipose tissue.

My boy Twisted is right, you sound like you need to do some research, friend.

Oh, and pin anytime in the day, just keep it consistent. Stable levels is the key.