When to Inject?

I have a question, I have been injecting 1ML per week on Monday’s. I am going out of the country for a week and the Dr. said just inject before you leave on Friday. This week I injected on Sunday to give a little more span between injections. does this sound OK? Or should I take the stuff with me and inject while away? I don’t know if it screws up your system going from 7 days to 6 days to 5 days and then to 8 days (when I get home)

Ps. I would rather not bring the stuff with me

Why kind of T are you injecting? If it’s Cypionate or Enanthanate then you should be injecting twice a week, not once. The longer you spread out the days the more you’ll experience peaks and troughs. If you’re taking 1ml a week it would be good to switch to .5ml twice a week (Monday/Thursday).

I’d take the stuff with me were I in your situation. By messing with the amount of days in between injections, and not having a consistent routine you risk messing with your E2 levels, having mood swings, and feeling tired, and/or amped (first shot after a long break).

If you really don’t want to bring the stuff along, and you are only going to be gone seven days then I would keep your Monday routine as normal and then inject the last possible day before you leave and the first chance you get when you get home. You can then restart your routine. Over time your levels will average out again, but in my opinion it is better to be a little on the high side for the time being than a little on the low side.

My 2 cents.

Agreed that a single 7 day stretch shouldn’t have much of an impact on balanced levels. While many people advocate twice a week, having a once a week routine is common too, and works for many. It’s usually every-other week routines (recommended when the medical office is doing the injections) that get people into trouble. If you want to travel with your stuff, get a diabetic supply case.