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When To Increase Weights?

So, I’ve got my program, I’ve got my 1RM more or less figured, but when do I know to add weight to a given set once I’ve progressed?

That is, let’s say my bent-over row 1RM max is 154#. I’m currently doing 1 set of 10 at 70#, 1 at 80# and 1 at 90# (that’s per arm with dbells). When do I know that it’s time to add weight? Also, how much weight should I be adding?


I liked Staley’s idea of putting a difficulty score out of ten after every set. When the set “felt like” a 5 or 6 out of 10 it was time to increase the weight.

Heres what I do and it works for me. I try and keep my reps between 6 - 12. So as soon as I can do 12 reps with a weight in my first set, I use one of those charts to compute my 6 rep max (convert 12 rep max to one rep max to six rep max or basically 12 rep max weight/.7 X .83) and use that weight until I can hit 12, repeat indefinitely.

when 1-2 reps are left in the hole.

before techinical breakdown, of course.

when i do a rep that i can move with no problem. I.E not breathe hard.the other half of the time i just throw weight on the bar if im having a good day :wink: