When to Increase Weight with Cluster Training? How Long to Use?

Hi Christian-

I enjoyed your recent article on cluster training.
My question is when would you increase the weight on the 90% sets?Can one train with clusters long term and how does it differ from rest-pause training?Thanks for reading and for your help.

I want to make it clear that the %ages are only a guideline. When we use clusters, the goal is to increase the weight from week to week. Of course, if the previous week you barely made your reps, stick to the same weight.

Yes and no.

I’ve used it for 12 weeks with clients. Changing the type of cluster every 4th week (I have an article coming up on that topic).

HOWEVER clusters are extremely neurologically demanding. So you need to decrease other variables to be able to do them long term. You need to decrease overall training volume, take longer rest intervals and fewer total exercises in a workout. We normally use 1-2 cluster exercises in a session and 1-2 minor assistance movements.

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Thank you for your prompt replies and help–much appreciated and very helpful.