When to Increase the Weight?

I’ve been working out faithfully for the last few months, starting with the Break-In program from the book (which I love and highly recommend).

I’m now starting the Fat-Loss 1 section, and I have a question about when to increase the weight. Do I add weight when I move from 3x15 to 3x12 to 3x10? Or do I just add weight whenever I feel like it?

Thanks for the help.

Increase the weight when you complete all the reps. If you’re doing 3x15 and you complete all 15 reps in the last set put the weight up next workout. A beginner should be putting up the weight almost every workout.

What is “the book”? first off?

And to answer your question you should be able to handle higher weights for 3x10 than 3x12 and 3x15. Add weight whenever you successfully complete all sets and reps unless the author of “the book” says differently. If you get 2x10 1x9 maybe stay with the same weight, if you get 3x10 then try adding 5 lbs to the bar/machine and have at it again.

Scott I’m pretty sure he’s talking about NROL (New Rules of Lifting). When you can complete every rep you’re supposed to do, you should increase the weight (I think). For example if you’re supposed to be doing 3 sets of 15, if you’re gettig 15, 14 , 12, then leave the weight. But if you’re getting 15, 15+, 15+ then you should raise it.